The largest global festival of multidisciplinary hip hop (dance, graff, DJing, rap, spoken word, beatbox …), HIP OPsession returns to Nantes Saint-Nazaire from 9 to 25 February 2012. Hurry up and book your seats!


Still a few places left for the Final Battle International Breakdance on February 11 at the Lieu Unique! But, already there are no more seats for the DJ Battle hosted by the Stereolux on Saturday, February 18th! The festival Hip OPsession promises this year to play sold out.


450 artists from 23 countries


In all, 450 artists are landing  from 23 countries and travelling to Nantes Saint-Nazaire.  For the final Breakdance on Saturday, February 11,  the best European dancers but also American, Brazilian, Russian, Japanese resulting from selections  internationally organized by Hip OPsession in New York and Leeds (UK), compete in the arena at the Lieu Unique to get the prestigious title of Battle OPsession 2012.


Such a festival could have developed in the Paris region or the U.S. why has it taken root here? “Nantes Saint-Nazaire is a very promising field where hip hop has a real resonance, where event organization is done in close collaboration between artists and actors (the Lieu Unique, the Fabrique…)”, explains Pickup Productions the association who initiated the project.


Nearly 20,000 people are expected for this 8th edition. Concerts slams, rap demonstrations for children, the festival is always aimed at a wider audience.




Demonstrations : HIPOPsession-international-festival-nantes-2012

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