> A 300m2 FabLab dedicated to the manufacture of any kind of prototype objects will open this Autumn on the île de Nantes <


Want to create your own lamp design or a revolutionary bike prototype, but you don’t have the machinery to design plans and produce the components? It will soon be possible thanks to the opening of a FabLab in Nantes, this new kind of  “production workshop” invented in the United States in the 90s has gradually been emulated in France.



Rapid, collective prototyping


This “manufacturing laboratory,” or “laboratoire de fabrication” in French, is a workshop equipped with CNC machines. It allows everyone – regardless of their level of technical knowledge, to come and make an object by themself: a technical prototype, furniture, art or design object, interactive object … anything is possible.



fabLab Nantes France From printing to milling


In Nantes, the PiNG association has initiated “plateforme C”.  A new Collaborative manufacturing workshop (as the name suggests) will open its doors in October 2013 in the heart of the île de Nantes. in Hangar 30 (Quai des Antilles), several CNC machines: 3D printers, digital millers, laser and vinyl cutters, CNC routers for wood, mechanical equipment and electronics … will be installed in an area of 300m2.



From manufacturing to financing


Thanks to the provision of materials and financial contribution from FabLab, “anyone” can come and make “any object”. Students, designers, tinkerers, amateurs, all are welcome to use this rapid prototyping workshop. The only condition: documenting the production and sharing the concept. In the same way that Open Source works for IT, FabLabs are spaces for sharing knowledge and processes. This study is also a Goteo platform for collaborative funding to give a boost to the most innovative projects.



A working tool for designers


Following the Creative Arts District (Quartier de la Création) which contributes to the deployment of creative industries in the area, the city adds another string to its bow with Plateforme C. Fully equipped, Plateform C increases the range of possibilities for designers and other professionals. A place of creativity, the FabLab allows them to test their concept cheaply and in a short timeframe. In the United States or Northern Europe, where FabLabs are in cruise phase, the trend is to professionalize. Overseas, an innovative prototype vehicle is emerging, and in Copenhagen, the first Open Source satellite.


FabLab nantes france

A collaborative workshop


SummerLab from July 8 to 13


Pending the opening of Plateform C, scheduled for October, rendez-vous this Summer at the Summerlab, organized by the PiNG Association from 8 to 13 July at the Ecole d’architecture de Nantes. The opportunity to cross computer geeks, hackers, tinkerers and on-lookers with stakeholders of local and participatory collective production to identify a range of digital solutions around the theme “Short-circuit/circuit-short.” A great initiative, which, from the first SummerLab held in Barcelona in 2007, has been emulated all along the Atlantic Arc.


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